Thursday, June 16, 2016

Not a Bad Job

Awakened at night, most hotel doctors prefer to give advice, and, if that fails, they discover that the guest requires the paramedics.

I don’t mind wee-hour calls. Traffic is light, parking is easy, and since I have no office, I can sleep late. With TIVO, I can leave whatever television show I’m watching. I don’t mind calls during meals, even restaurant meals, because finishing doesn’t take much time. Calls during a movie are problematic although I’m happy to leave at least half the time. If the call arrives soon after the credits, I ask for a refund, and no one has yet refused. I credit much of my success as a hotel doctor to the rarity of occasions where I’m reluctant to make a visit.

Mostly, I dislike driving during the rush hour. Hotels between Beverly Hills and the ocean are close enough to be tolerable, but traveling downtown or further is tedious. Mostly, guests are willing to wait a few hours provided they are not vomiting or hurting.

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