Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gratitude is All I Get

The Adventure is a large motel near the airport that caters to foreign tourists on a budget. It’s full of colorful, young Europeans and Asians. The owner-manager phoned to inform me that his girl friend was sick. Could I see her? He would pay.

That was the third time he had asked me to see the girl friend who had a tendency to get sick. I like calls from general managers because it gives me a chance to do public relations.

After my first visit, I waved off his money but suggested that I’d like to be the Adventure’s doctor. He expressed gratitude and promised to tell his employees that I was the man.

Six months later, after the second visit, I refused his money and reminded him of his promise. He expressed gratitude and swore he would give my name to everyone.

Doing favors for general managers has won me new hotels, but it’s remarkable how often it hasn’t. Most of the time, gratitude is all I get. On my third call from the Adventure’s manager, I accepted his money.

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