Thursday, June 15, 2017

When Guests Drop Hints - Part 1

Here are some phrases that I have to interpret.

Guest:  “You’re the doctor.”

This means “You’re wrong.”  Other hints that I’m off base include:
“I wonder if I need something stronger…”
“My regular doctor always gives me...”
“My husband had the same thing, and the doctor said it was...”

Guest:  “If I don’t get something it turns into (...bronchitis, strep, walking pneumonia, a sinus infection...).”

This guest is saying:  “I want an antibiotic.”
Patients often work hard to convince me that their cough, congestion, or sore throat has a special feature that requires an antibiotic.  They tell me that -
“I have an important meeting, and I can’t afford to be sick.”
“I have a tendency to strep.”
“It’s not a cold.  It’s bronchitis!”
“If I don’t catch it quick, it goes to my chest.”
Plus the old favorite:  “My regular doctor always gives me...”

Guest:  “Are you sure I need this?”

This means the guest won’t fill my prescription.
Similar hints include:
“I don’t take medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
“My mother is allergic to this.”
“I have a sensitive stomach.”

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