Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More Free Services

A guest from the Avalon phoned; her husband had been vomiting. Learning the fee, she decided to transmit my advice (stop drinking fluids; suck on ice) and wait a few hours. When I checked back later, he was feeling better.

An elderly man from the Beverly Hills Plaza lost his luggage and needed a supply of half a dozen medications. Rather than endure the lengthy process of learning the name, dose, and instructions of everything, I told him to sort things out with a pharmacist who would phone, and I would approve it.

A man at Le Petite Hermitage wanted a chiropractor. I could have told him to find one on the internet, but it’s better P.R. if I do it. I found one.

I was pleased at these contacts because the Avalon and Beverly Hills Plaza and Le Petite Hermitage never phone. They belong to my competitors who are not so easy to reach and unwilling to provide free services over the phone.

Doing stuff over the phone is easy, so I don’t object, and hotels that call now and then sometimes decide to call regularly.

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