Wednesday, August 31, 2016


A tour leader explained that one of his group wanted a doctor to look at her hand. She had fallen.

Minor injuries are easy, but I don’t want to collect money from someone who needs an x-ray and then send them off to pay more money somewhere else. 

I quizzed him. What happened? Where was the pain? Was there much swelling? He assured me that it was not a big deal. The lady just wanted a doctor to check it.

He was lying. When a member of a tour goes to an emergency room, the leader must go along. Anxious to avoid such a tedious job, tour leaders often hope a doctor will make the problem go away.

The lady had a swollen, painful left wrist. If you fall and instinctively catch yourself on your outstretched hand, you’re likely to break a specific spot at the end of your radius. It’s so common it has a name: the Colles fracture.

I was certain she had a Colles fracture, so off they went.

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