Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Failure of Communication

“My son with pain in ear. Maybe he need a doctor.”

“I can come to the hotel.”

“Not today. I give medicine. Maybe if he has pain tomorrow.”

“So you’ll call me tomorrow?”

“Yes. Can you come in the morning?”



“I can be there between 9 and 12.”  Strictly speaking, I can come at any time, but I like to avoid driving during the rush hour.

“Three hours is too long. We want to visit the city.”

“You said you’d call tomorrow. When you call, I’ll tell you exactly when I’ll be there.”


Most guests who promise to call never call, so I put the matter out of my mind. After noon the following day, the phone rang. It was the concierge at that hotel. “I’m afraid we’ve had a complaint, Doctor Oppenheim,” she said. “Mr. Desai in 403 says he and his family have been waiting over three hours. Are you going to come?....”

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