Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm Under a Doctor's Care

“I parked illegally, and they towed my car. It’s in an impound lot, and wouldn’t you know.….”

Tales of misfortune (as opposed to complaints of illness) at one a.m. are a routine tactic of drug abusers.

“…My prescriptions were in the glove compartment. I don’t know when I can get them. I’m under a doctor’s care for….”

I declined his request for Oxycontin. I have little trouble getting back to sleep after wake-up calls except for those that annoy me. This one kept me up for an hour.

The call had come from the desk clerk who immediately handed the phone to the guest. As a result, when I hung up, I knew the guest might inform him of his disappointment with the hotel doctor. 

Under those circumstances, I phone the clerk and explain that the guest has made a request that I cannot, in good conscience, grant. Remembering his manners, the clerk expressed sympathy, but you never know….

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