Sunday, June 7, 2015


An Emirate Airline flight attendant was suffering severe back pain.

Emirate crew stay the Hilton in Costa Mesa, 46 miles away in Orange County. There is an Orange country doctor, but she had not responded. It was 2:40 a.m.

I didn’t complain. Freeway traffic is light. I have no office hours, so I can go back to bed if I want. I earn extra for long drives and late hours. The Orange County doctor enjoys a rich social life, so she’s often unavailable. I made 42 housecalls to her territory in 2014.

I dressed and drove off. Before I reached the freeway my phone rang. The visit was cancelled. The Orange County doctor had checked in and reported that she was on her way.

I pointed out that once the airline’s agency assigns a doctor, he or she should take priority. The dispatcher agreed and promised that it would not happen again.

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