Monday, June 15, 2015

As If I Didn't Need Reminding

She was a model, a guest at the Ritz-Carlton guest informed me. The previous week she had undergone half a dozen plastic surgery procedures on her buttocks and lower abdomen. Now she needed the sutures removed. After she asked for “an appointment,” I told her when I would arrive.

“Well… OK….” she said. I could sense her reluctance. She had assumed I’d see her in my office. If guests want an office visit, I know colleagues who will accommodate them, and I often take the hint. But I love visits for suture removals. They’re easy, and guests appreciate the convenience.

When the door opened, I saw a tall, slim, strikingly beautiful woman who nearly jumped with joy when she saw me.

“Oh, good!” she exclaimed with relief. “I’m glad you’re not one of those young doctors!”

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