Friday, April 24, 2015

Really Good Luck

I was leaving the Universal City Hilton when the elevator stopped. The door opened, and a young man rushed in, blood dripping down his face. “Something terrible happened!” he cried. “I have to get to a hospital! How do I get to a hospital?”

I told him to calm down and peered at his bloody scalp, but the light was too dim to make out anything. “I hit my head on the edge of a table,” he added. “I have to get to an emergency room!”

We left the elevator at the ground floor, and I looked more closely but couldn’t see anything alarming. Introducing myself as a doctor, I led him to the men’s room, and cleaned away the blood. There was no laceration, just a long scratch along his scalp that was oozing blood. I patted it dry, applied a dressing, and assured him that it was not serious and didn’t require a trip to an ER. He felt better.

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