Monday, February 2, 2015

Hotel Doctor to the Stars

An agent has expressed interest in my memoirs.

You don’t think I have memoirs?... I’ve been hotel doctoring for over thirty years, and I had literary ambitions long before.

My book proposal has been making the rounds for a decade, and agents regularly respond. Our conversation tends to cover the same ground.

“‘Memoirs of a Los Angeles hotel doctor.’ That’s a great idea! It sounds like you’ve seen celebrities.”

“A few.”

“Did you see Michael Jackson?”

“Many hotel doctors saw Michael Jackson.”

“Tell me about him.”

“Doctors can’t do that.”

I’m beginning to think agents don’t like to hear that my memoirs don’t discuss famous people who consulted me, including those who’ve died. It’s correct that you can’t libel the dead, but you can anger surviving loved-ones; they’ve been known to sue. 

My book proposal continues to make the rounds, but it’s possible that readers of this blog will be my only audience. I add to it every few days, and when no stories come to mind, I dip into my memoirs.

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