Monday, August 25, 2014

Whether You Want Me or Not

If you want a housecall in Los Angeles, you’re likely to get me even if you don’t ask for me. 

I don’t have a web site, but searching the internet turns up several agencies and a few individuals that promise to send you a doctor at a moment’s notice. Many rely on me.

They also solicit hotels. Last week, the answering service for a national housecall agency informed me that a guest at the Marina International wanted a doctor. The Marina International is one of my regulars.

After I spoke to the guest, he asked me to come. I made a mental calculation before quoting the fee. The housecall agency keeps forty percent, so it was larger than usual. 

Since guests who call directly pay less, you might wonder why hotels don’t make sure they get the best price. The answer, of course, is that hotel management doesn’t know what doctors charge, nor do they care. Guests occasionally ask, but hotels never do.

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