Monday, December 2, 2013

Rashes are Easy, Part 2

His client had developed redness over her eyelids. Could I come?

As I repeat, rashes are easy, and eyelid rashes mostly turn out to be one of two or three diagnoses. I asked for the room number.

The guest was in a meeting, the caller responded. When I arrived, I should ask the concierge to fetch her.

So I did. The concierge returned to say the meeting would end shortly. I waited fifteen minutes.

As expected, the eyelid rash was no problem. After accepting a tube of cream, she mentioned that her knee had hurt since her run the previous day. I examined the knee and reassured her. She added that her ankle had been bothering her for some time. I examined the ankle and gave my opinion. Then we talked about her husband who had a sore shoulder but refused to see a doctor.

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