Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Easy Visits, Mostly

Every day a thousand airline flight crew spend the night in a Los Angeles hotel. Sometimes they get sick and call their supervisor. If they’re American, he tells them to take their American medical insurance and find a clinic. If they’re foreign, he tells them to stay put and wait for the doctor.

That will probably be me. I average half a dozen of these visits per month. I enjoy them because airline crew are young and healthy. Three-quarters suffer respiratory infections and upset stomachs. Since a doctor must certify if they’re fit to fly, I see plenty of ordinary colds.

A minor drawback is two pages of forms to fill out in addition to my medical record. A more serious problem is vomiting: the symptom in nearly half my airline calls. I hate driving during the rush hour, but vomiters don’t like to wait, so I often find myself creeping on the freeway.

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