Friday, November 1, 2013

The Five Actions of a Hotel Doctor

After the door opens and I exchange greetings, my first action is to look down at the floor. If I see a pile of shoes, I remove mine. You may think this is a quaint foreign custom, but some Americans have adopted it. When you consider what people and animals deposit outside, it seems terribly unsanitary track it onto your rugs.

My second action, on entering the room, is to identify the patient. A doctor making a housecall is an exotic event even for Americans, so I often encounter a large, attentive audience.

My third is to brush off apologies as guests rush to clear a space for my bag and clipboard. Apparently no one reads or writes while traveling, so desk and chairs are piled with belongings.

My fourth action is to suggest that someone turn off the television. Time and again, a patient begins talking – and I can’t hear. Guests often seem startled at this request – and occasionally miffed. What’s the problem?.....

It’s surprising how many people around the world turn the TV on before breakfast and leave it on. It’s the background to their daily life.

My fifth action, after listening to the patient, is to announce that I will wash my hands. This produces more apologies as guests rush to tidy up the bathroom.

I hope this held your attention. You should realize that any competent blogger must write at least once a week, or his audience drifts off. Being a hotel doctor may be world’s best job, but it’s not always full of excitement. Writing is often harder than practicing medicine.

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