Friday, November 15, 2013

Searching for a Doctor on Craigslist

A caller from the Airport Hilton asked how much I charged.

Guests often ask this question. If I answer immediately, the guest is likely to thank me and hang up. So I always respond that phone calls are free and might be all he or she needs. What’s the problem?....

He wasn’t a guest, the caller replied. Hilton management was checking on what hotel doctors charge. There had been an incident…. 

With over 1,000 rooms, the Hilton is one of the largest hotels in Los Angeles. It should generate 100 requests for a doctor per year, but my average has hovered around twenty since it called for the first time in 1991. Like most non-luxury chains, the Hilton has no policy for dealing with guests who want a doctor, and plenty of new competitors are offering their services. Many charge spectacular fees. As I regularly grumble in this blog, hotels pay no attention unless a guest complains which rarely happens.

But here was a complaint, and I was happy to answer. Learning my fee, the caller agreed that it was a big improvement. He would pass along the information.

When I asked about the other doctor, he gave me an 800 number. I called and learned that I was speaking to USA Housecalls, a nationwide service. When I asked for the medical director, the person who answered said he was the owner.

When the owner answers the phone, that doesn’t suggest calls are pouring in, but I introduced myself as a veteran Los Angeles hotel doctor. He immediately went into PR mode and told me he had been in business 23 years. Hearing that I’d only learned of his existence today, he admitted that he was just getting started in Los Angeles and was using two young doctors who had caused some difficulties. He urged me to send my CV.

Googling, I later learned that he had advertised for doctors on Craigslist. 


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