Sunday, July 21, 2013

Caring for Celebrities

Searching my housecall database (17,174 visits) for “celebrity” turns up 92 hits although that includes their wives and children.

Yesterday you read about my encounter with a famous person. I mentioned him by name because I was never his doctor, but I’m sure you don’t expect stories about celebrities I cared for. Unfortunately, literary agents do expect this. News that it’s forbidden has proven the kiss of death for my memoirs. They are still making the rounds, but I began this blog four years ago in an effort to find an audience.

Most celebrities are nice, but over thirty years I’ve cared plenty of misbehaving luminaries including several who died under dramatic circumstances. Agents have assured me that “you can’t libel the dead.” This turns out to be a legal fact, but the dead’s loved ones have been known to sue after reading unflattering remarks.

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