Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Easy Visits

"A bee stung my wife. That was two days ago, but today it’s more swollen."

I explained that bee stings usually get worse for 48 hours before they improve.

“We catch a plane tomorrow, so we’d like to see a doctor.”

Before I left, the phone rang again. A man’s ears had become plugged when his plane descended, and they remained plugged. He worried about an infection. I explained that pressure changes while flying don’t cause infections, and the discomfort often persists for a day or two. I suggested a decongestant, but he wanted someone to look in his ears.

A visit from the hotel doctor is not cheap, but I’m liberal with phone advice. Only about half my calls turn into a visit. Now and then I have the delightful experience of making a housecall because the guest wants one despite my assurance that it’s not necessary. In this blog, I’ve recounted occasions where what seemed like a no-brainer turned out to be no such thing once I arrived. That rarely happens, and it didn’t happen this time.

The bee sting turned out to be a bee sting, and the guest’s ears looked normal. Who says medicine is stressful?

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