Monday, February 4, 2013

I like vomiting

A businessman at the Standard had been throwing up since the wee hours. Expressing sympathy, I assured him I’d arrive within the hour. It was nine a.m., so the usual half-hour drive downtown might last longer.

Before leaving, I took an antivomiting suppository from the refrigerator and dropped it into my pocket. From my medication closet I extracted a syringe and packet of antinausea pills. This enables me to avoid restocking my bag after returning home; sometimes I forget.

The drive was tolerable. The guest was miserable, but he hadn’t vomited in two hours, so I suspected he was over the worst. I left feeling good. I like vomiting.

People chuckle to hear this. What I mean is that, from a hotel doctor’s standpoint, caring for a vomiting guest is usually satisfying.

In an otherwise healthy person, most episodes of vomiting don’t last long. I can help. When they recover, often within a few hours, they give me credit. Sure enough, he felt better by evening.

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