Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election Results

Now that the election is over, Obamacare will go forward.

As a member of the entitled class, I have collected Medicare since 2005. Being on Medicare doesn’t mean everything is free; that requires signing up for Medicare Part B and D and for supplementary insurance. I pay about $350 a month. In exchange, I get almost no medical bills. I love it. Even though Medicare is a government program, I receive less paperwork than when I belonged to Blue Cross (even writing “Blue Cross” produces a surge of anger; I hated it). 

My brother, a physician, detests Obamacare. He is liberal, and he dislikes Obamacare because it will deliver a bonanza for the insurance companies with no controls on cost. His criticisms are correct, but I tell him that when premiums skyrocket – as they will, especially if younger people are allowed to opt out of buying insurance – the outcry will force Washington to take action.

Conservatives tell us that in Europe's national health plans the downtrodden physician takes his orders and pitiful salary from the government. In fact, all these countries have some private insurance. In many, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, everyone buys medical insurance from private carriers just as they will do in the US. The difference is that laws closely regulate them. The carriers aren’t losing money.

Things will work out.

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