Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Win Some....

I was awake at 7 a.m. writing this blog when a woman from an airport hotel called with symptoms of a bladder infection.

Being American, her first question before agreeing to a visit was: do I accept her insurance. I explained that I didn’t, adding that there was an urgent care clinic a mile away that would.

“I’d probably have to wait forever,” she said. “I have meetings this morning.”

“I’m definitely convenient,” I said.

“Do you bring the medicine?”

“I do.”

I wanted to finish writing and eat breakfast, so I told her I’d arrive at 9 a.m., thereby demonstrating that, despite my age, wisdom, and vast experience, I do stupid things.

It’s a rule of hotel doctoring to go as soon as possible. After waiting a few hours, guests often reconsider, so I knew what to expect when the hotel’s number popped up on my caller ID at 8:30.

“I’m feeling better,” she lied. “I won’t need to see a doctor after all.”

“You won’t save much at the clinic,” I suggested. “They’ll charge extra for the urine test and extra for the culture, and you’ll have to find a pharmacy and pay for the prescription.”

“Oh, no! I’m feeling fine,” she insisted. “Thank you for your help.” She hung up.

When patients cancel, I often console myself if the illness seems likely to produce an unsatisfying encounter; for example guests are often disappointed when I can’t cure their respiratory infection. But urine infections are easy to treat and produce dramatic improvement, so I hate to miss one.  

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