Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Second Opinion

“I need a second opinion about something personal,” said an elderly man at a West Hollywood hotel.

It’s always pleasure to visit a patient who isn’t sick, although this seemed an odd situation. But first, since he was American and over 65, I explained that I wasn’t a Medicare doctor, so Medicare wouldn’t pay for this visit.

“That’s OK. I need to see you.”

I drove to the hotel and listened as he explained that his scrotum hung too low. His family doctor hadn’t taken it seriously, so he wanted my advice.

On examination, his scrotum appeared normal although perhaps a bit long. I asked how this caused a problem.

“When I sit on the toilet, it dips into the water,” he said.

I scratched my head.

“A urologist could probably do surgery to shorten it, but I’m not sure Medicare would pay.... Why don’t you lower the water in the toilet bowl?”

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